About KG

by kandiceguice
About KG

To sum it all up, I’m every woman!

I classify myself as a multidimensional gal who truly believes that we can have it all if we strive for it!

As an attorney, coach’s wife, bonus mom, writer, motivational speaker, world traveler, naturalista, and makeup junkie, I would say this blog is for women like me- attorneys who love fashion and beauty; stockbrokers who double as stylists; and mental health counselors turned fitness gurus.

Think of me as your sister-friend and personal cheerleader.

Here, I will showcase my struggles and triumphs to motivate you to reach the next level.  I am dedicated to cheering you on to “get it done” while showing you new ways to look good doing it.

I believe in the synergy we create through a sisterhood of development and encouragement. I believe that each of us has a light to shine, and I am driven by the ability to shine my light in this space.

Subscribers to this online space will get the skinny on self development tips, beauty secrets, and relationship pointers. There is something here for every goal-getter, and I cannot wait for you to indulge in it all!

Let’s laugh together, grow together, strive together and look fly together.

Here’s to all my single ladies, super moms, wives, riders, and independent queens working for their thrones! The glory is in you!

With Love,


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