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Kandice GuiceSimply put, KandiceGuice.com is for multi-passionate women on a mission to elevate.

Recognizing the need for more positivity on her social media feeds, Kandice created an online space that encourages goal-getters to stay the course in spite of.  As a bonus, She threw in beauty tips for the everyday woman.  The end result? A tribe of like-minded women dedicated to being more than just a group of pretty faces.

Looking to get the skinny on self-development tips, beauty secrets, travel, and relationship pointers? Have a look around. There’s something here for every goal-getter, and we cannot wait for you to indulge in it all!


Kandice Guice

Kandice is a Louisiana-based lifestyle and beauty writer who doubles as an attorney and entrepreneur.

When she isn’t closing corporate transactions or writing blog posts, she is usually cheering on her husband as a football coach or looking for new travel adventures with friends and family.

Kandice enjoys spending time with her adorable Pomeranian, Foxx and doting on her amazing Bonus Son, Dillon.  She’s an avid foodie and thrill-seeker who is always down to try something new.

As a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, she has a heart for community service and prides herself on giving back.  She launched #MoreThanPrettyCampaign to showcase under-represented women who are thriving in their given industries.

Beyond spotlighting these women, Kandice also hosts workshops, talks, and curated events which encourage collaboration, unity, and sisterhood over competition.

The overall goal of the campaign is to motivate women and girls to continue breaking down barriers by leading the way as community activists, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and all-around world changers.


Kandice Guice

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