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#MoreThanPrettyCampaignThe #MoreThanPrettyCampaign is a community service initiative which spotlights under-represented women who are thriving in their given industries. Beyond spotlighting these women on kandiceguice.com and other media outlets, we host workshops, talks, and curated events which encourage collaboration, unity, and sisterhood over competition.

Each day women are falling victim to the negative effects of social media. They are led to believe that success is tied to perfect timelines and outer appearances. In fact, studies indicate that these preconceived notions have led to increased rates of depression, anxiety, and even suicide.

#MoreThanPrettyCampaign is dedicated to dismantling these negative effects through community service initiatives in Northeast Louisiana and beyond.

 Our Mission

The mission of #MoreThanPrettyCampaign is to motivate women and girls to break down barriers by leading the way as community activists, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and all-around world changers.  We can do this by:

·       sharing transparent stories which motivate and inspire women to stay the course in spite of

·       creating curated experiences that allow likeminded women to network and collaborate

·       increasing community awareness regarding the need for minority women in government, STEM, and corporate      leadership through youth workshops and speaking engagements

·       providing mentorship gateways into the areas listed above

·       providing scholarships and awards to young women who demonstrate hard work and leadership skills

·       saturating social media with the movement

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire an international movement which shifts the world’s perspective on female leadership.

Get Involved


Eager to be a part?  You can hashtag #MoreThanPrettyCampaign to showcase female leaders who deserve acknowledgement for their amazing accomplishments or nominate a them for their own feature on kandiceguice.com.

In addition, we can partner together on upcoming events, youth programming, speaking engagements and publicity that fits well with the mission of #MoreThanPrettyCampaign.

Contact us at kg@kandiceguice.com. It would be our pleasure to further discuss the possibilities.

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